Ukraine began 2018 with the new environmental fuel standard EURO-5.

Report: Market-Based Instruments for Energy Efficiency
Ukraine has a new National Transport Strategy till 2030.

Ukraine began 2018 with the new environmental fuel standard EURO-5.

Starting January 1st , 2018, the environmental fuel standard Euro-5 is the only one allowed for the circulation on Ukraine’s market, according to the Technical Regulation concerning the requirements for motor gasoline, diesel, ship and boiler fuels (

Thus, Ukraine joins the global movement to reduce emissions of various harmful pollutants into the air, especially from the transport sector.

The International Standardization Academy (ISA), within the framework of cooperation with the United Nations Environment Program on the implementation of the objectives of the Global Fuel Economy Initiative in Ukraine during the course  of 2016-2017 have conducted a study on the state of the Ukrainian light-duty vehicle fleet. One of the results of this study was a positive dynamics towards “eco-friendliness” of the auto fleet, in particular, the consumers are increasingly shifting to economical cars. Also, due to the adoption in 2013 of this Technical Regulation, the situation with fuel quality in the market has improved significantly. And in 2108 we have a new active  environmental fuel standard EURO-5.

It is also worth noting that fuel testing to confirm the fulfillment of the requirements of the specified Technical Regulation should be carried out by accredited testing laboratories determined in accordance with the procedure established by the Ministry of Energy and Coal of Ukraine and the State Ecological Inspection of Ukraine already has an approved sectoral plan of state market surveillance for 2018 which provides for the verification of the fulfillment of the requirements of this Technical regulations.

ISA experts will be monitoring the state of execution of state tasks and plans for ensuring public control and appropriate informing of consumers about the quality of fuel in Ukraine.

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