Members of the Academy can be citizens of Ukraine, foreigners and persons without citizenship, who have reached the age of 21, who have a scientific degree, academic title and/or extensive experience in scientific and practical work, who would support the goals and objectives of the Academy, further wish to participate in their implementation, recognize and fulfill the Charter of the ISA, Membership Provision, as well as pay membership fees.

Members of the Academy are elected for the indefinite term.

The right to nominate candidates for members of the Academy is granted to scientific institutions, state and public organizations in Ukraine and abroad, to full members and corresponding members of the Academy.

The decision on granting the membership at the Academy is made by the Presidium of the NGO "ISA", on the basis of the personal application of the Candidate member of ISA, according to the established form.

Members of ISA can have the following honorary titles, which determine the status of a person in the Academy: - Honorary academician; - Full member (Academician) - Corresponding member; - Academic adviser; - Foreign member.

Detailed conditions and the procedure for joining the membership at ISA, as well as rights and duties, can be found in the Membership Provision provided below.

  1. Membership Provision - download, in Ukrainian
  2. Membership Application - download, in Ukrainian
  3. Membership registration card - download, in Ukrainian
  4. The consent to the processing of personal data- download, in Ukrainian