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The International Standardization Academy is a non-profit public organization with an international status, the priority interest of which is the consolidation of the efforts of its members and partners with the aim of preserving and developing the intellectual potential of the society, creating the necessary conditions for sustainable economic development, raising standards for the quality and safety of human life and activities.

ISA studies and summarizes best practices in the areas of standardization, metrology, technical regulation, conformity assessment, accreditation and quality in the interests of consumers and society.

Latest news

Only Euro-5 fuel standard is active in Ukraine since 2018

Ukraine began 2018 with the new environmental fuel standard EURO-5.

Starting January 1st , 2018, the environmental fuel standard Euro-5 is the only one allowed for the circulation on Ukraine’s market, according to the Technical Regulation […]

Report: Market-Based Instruments for Energy Efficiency

Commissioned by G7 energy ministers, this report presents the first global overview of market-based instruments (MBIs) for energy efficiency, such as auctions, energy efficiency obligations on […]
Shifting up a gear

Shifting fuel economy up a gear in Brussels

Sheila Watson, Executive Secretary of the GFEI, gave a powerful message to EU vehicle policy stakeholders in Brussels on 6th September 2017, highlighting the need for […]